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Welcome to Blum Tool Company

Blum Tool Co manufactures a growing range of high quality, handmade woodworking tools. All are produced in our shop in Walnut, Iowa. Quality and innovation are the driving forces behind every tool we design and build. Our tools reflect the great traditions of the past, but incorporate many unique ideas for increased performance, ease of use, and ease of sharpening.

Our Sharpening Box™ and Bench Horse™ are both now patented. The bench planes remain 'patent pending'.

What's New?


The sharpening box has been improved to make setting the tools and holding them even easier. First, we have added a cam clamp so 1/4 turn of the handle clamps the tool solidly to the angle block. Second, we now provide a setting block which has 4 settings of increasing depth so that the tool can be butted up to this block to set the height relative to the top surface. Taking the tool off and resetting it to the exact location and locking it securely is now foolproof and fast.


Each plane now comes with its' own sharpening jig. This is the easiest to use jig ever and makes sharpening the plane blades a real pleasure.

We have many other new products and improvements, such as the new brass knobs and medallions on the planes, the redesigned frog to eliminate any backlash, our new holdfasts which are hand forged, and a beautiful new mallet. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Gary Blum






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